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PVDF coated polyester fabric is most commonly used for  membrane Tensile structure.

It is a remedy PVC coated fabric's shortcommngs, because PVC coated fabrics are easily becomming get dirt.

It has a reasonable price and very easy to handle and fabricate.


PVF coated polyester fabric is a upgraded version of PVDF fabric.

To improve Antifouling performance , a sheet made of sheet is attaced on the skin of fabric.

It is slightly expensive than PVDF but keep clean than PVDF.

In terms of  tensile strength it is stronger than PVDF.

Tio2 coated Polyester

Tio2 coated membrane has a excellent self cleaning performance. By using of sunlight and rain, it can remove dirt significantly. Therefore, membrane could maintain its transmittence for it life time without worrying about becomming get dirty.

PTFE coated on Glass Fiber fabric

For better durability and better tensile strength, PTFE coated glass fiber fabric is used.

Most of big project such as stadium and large scale, we usually apply PTFE membrane.

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