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Café au Lä®

Shelter your guests from all the hassles of outdoor dining. Cold winds, harsh weather and theft are just some of the negative elements that distract restaurant guests from dining or having coffee in an open air-environment. Café au Lä® windscreen provides protection against all these elements, making outdoor dining more comfortable.

Café au Lä® is the easily adjustable windscreen for restaurant terraces. Guests can decide the height they want of the windscreen, whether they want to have an intimate atmosphere or want to be a part of what is going on outside.

Made from aluminum, the standard design is equipped with laminated safety glass, both in the lower fixed part and in the height-adjustable part.

Open terrace or glassed-in restaurant?
With Café au Lä® you do not have to choose.

Tech Specs

WidthMaximum :  2200 mm per section


  Five standard heights:
• 800/1300 mm (lowered position/raised position)
• 900/1500 mm
• 1000/1700 mm
• 1100/1900 mm
• 1200/2100 mm (maximum width 2000 mm)
For the U.S. market, available heights are also:
36/60”, 42/72” (max. width 86”), 46/80” (max. width 80”)

Thickness  :  90 mm


mm laminated glass in the moving part. The lower fixed part is supplied with 6 mm laminated glass in standard performance but can be supplied with translucent glass or other materials.

Surface coating : Satin anodized aluminium is standard.Options: powder coated in any RAL standard colour.


There are several types of feet for installation. There are also several
connectors for corner and wall attachment. All connectors and feet are made of stainless steel



 Interval locking at optional height.

 Lock with key for lowered and/or raised position.

 Electrically operated.

Manufactured by Svalson AB, Sweden

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