Height adjustable glazing

​높이 조절이 가능한 유리 난간


높이 절이 가능한 난간으로 레스토랑 커피숍 및 발코니와 같은 공간 사용시 바람을 바람을

차단함으로써 공간활용을 최대화 할 수 있습니다.

평상시에는 허리높이의 일반적인 난간으로 사용하다 바람 또는 비가 들이칠 경우

쉽게 2층 높이의 난간으로 변경할 수 있습니다

With height adjustable windscreens you can maximize the use of your restaurant/patio and you can easily stop the wind within seconds.

With the counter balanced glass it's easy to adjust the height of the windscreen and create that snug feeling.

Svalson is a member of the Nordic Balcony Association to ensure that you get a safe railing and glazing with top quality. The height adjustable glazing is tested for wind load, personal safety including heavy impacts by the SP - Technical Research Institute of Sweden. It is also CE marked according to EN 1090 and thereby approved for installation on balconies and terraces where there is a risk of falls and injuries.

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